Egg Tart Skin Making Machine Operate Process

The egg tart maker machine has higher production capacity than manual production, which can make 28 pieces, 36 pieces, 48 pieces each minute, the machine can save labor cost. This egg tart machine' function is mainly used for egg tart skin forming, with many different molds can ensures the egg tart surface good looking, meet the customers' demand. Has a long service life. PLC control stainless steel egg tart machine. Easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Features of egg tart skin making machine:
1. Small and flexible. It covers little space and is very convenient.
2. Made of high quality stainless steel, clean and healthful.
3. Adopted PLC performance control, and easy to operate, fulfill the requirements of process safety.
4. Imported mitsubishi PLC control, pressure forming, turntable mechanical structure.
5. Quick and easy replacement of the molds, suitable for various designed productions.
6. All stainless steel shell, hot stamping die, moulds can be customzied.
7. Low energy consumption and noise, long service life.

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