Sold Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine to Spain

Ice cream cone baking machine shipped to Spain:
A customer from Spain found our site through Google search and found the desired machine on the site, indicating that it was up for purchase. We contacted him via email to find out some of his product information and then gave him a reasonable price, the customer after reading, very satisfied, and asked some of our aftermarket, the machine's warranty and so on, a few days later, gave us the machine down payment, our machine is also in the rush.
automatic ice cream cone machine
The automatic ice cream cone machine use the high-quality components, the use of temperature control thermostat, one person can operate, convenient and practical. Continuous automatic filling material. Temperature control free. Baked ice cream cone looks beautiful and beautiful, the entrance is very crisp, but also to do ice cream cone business investment is simple, high returns. Ice cream cone is a popular snack food.
ice cream cone baking machine

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